Pistarckle Theater Raised $10,000 With Their First Email

Pistarckle Theater Raised $10,000 With Their First Email

Pistarckle Theater, one of the only professional theaters in the U.S. Virgin Islands, needed a better way to build relationships with donors and supporters. Kitty Edwards, Pistarckle’s Marketing Director, said that they had many spreadsheets filled with donor data but knew that more efficient options were available.

“We were in a mess. There were hundreds of spreadsheets with ridiculous amounts of duplicate data and years of thank you letters showing evidence of donations that were never entered (or were they?!)”

Kitty got a personal demo of Network for Good’s fundraising software and was immediately impressed with how the system looked.

“My first impression was how attractive the donation page was. I could easily link to it from my website that we manage in-house. It was easy as can be.”

Immediate Fundraising Results

After getting acquainted with the system and entering information for donors Kitty talks with frequently, she set up an email appeal to raise money for their Musical Theatre Summer Camp Scholarship Program.

“I was transitioning from MailChimp so I was a little skeptical on the email blast, but it was great! Between donations made through our Network for Good donation page and checks sent to us because of the email, we raised almost $10,000 for the program!”

Better Donor Relationships

Kitty understands that fundraising is all about relationships. That’s why her next step is gathering more information about unique donors so that she can find the best ways to engage with them.

“As more donations come in and we are able to enter information about everyone, I am going to send birthday messages, thank you letters, and updates coordinated to patrons’ past activities.”

Because Network for Good’s fundraising software has built-in reports and an automatically generated fundraising dashboard, Kitty can quickly show fundraising success to Pistarckle’s leadership. Keeping information updated in one location also saves the whole organization from having some major data headaches.

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