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Promote Special Projects with Mobile Giving

Nonprofits have a valuable opportunity to use mobile fundraising to increase giving by supporters who prefer using their mobile devices over a desktop or laptop. Integrate mobile giving tactics into all of your fundraising strategies. They’re especially impactful when you use them to fundraise for special projects or initiatives. This post will cover several practical, easy-to-implement ways to put mobile technology to work when you’re promoting special projects.

Be Clear About the Specifics of the Project

Make sure that supporters know the details about your campaign’s specific program or project. The more specific and concrete you can be, the more likely supporters will be to make a donation. To help them envision the impact of their donations, tell a short story of a beneficiary and share photos. Communicate the impact that donations will have on the project and individuals who will benefit from it.

Keep Asks Simple

People use their mobile devices because it’s convenient. The purpose of mobile fundraising is to make donating easier for supporters. When using mobile tactics like email or text, be sure to keep your ask short and sweet. Keep donation forms brief, use bullet points, and minimize the number of steps required to complete a donation.

Encourage Recurring Donations

Just because your campaign is focused on a specific project doesn’t mean you can’t ask for recurring support. Encourage donors to boost the impact of their gift by becoming a recurring donor. When a donor is engaged with your organization and already giving, a simple prompt may be all that’s needed for an ongoing commitment. Before the donation is finalized, simply give donors the option of making a recurring gift to your organization.

Ask Donors to Share

The moment when a donor gives is also the perfect moment to ask them to share the project on social media. Invite donors to spread the word. Make the process simple with social media share buttons on the thank-you page.

Mix Mobile With Other Tools

New technology doesn’t mean other tools aren’t effective. Quite the opposite. Mobile giving can increase the effectiveness of nearly every other type of campaign. Include your mobile donation page URL in your email appeals, making it easy for donors to simply click to access your mobile-responsive donation page. Add your URL or a QR code to your direct mail appeals, so supporters can immediately donate if they’re ready. Include a text-to-give strategy at your event. The possibilities for integration are endless.

Don’t Forget the Thanks

Everyone appreciates being recognized for a good deed. After all, each donation is a vote of confidence in your mission. Auto-generated acknowledgements at the time of the gift are a good start, but it’s a good idea to follow up with a phone call or mailed card. Make your thanks as personal as possible. People support organizations they engage with on more than a surface level.

Mobile giving provides nonprofits with an exciting new avenue for growth. By providing new opportunities for giving, technology connects donors and the organizations they care about most. Take advantage of the fact that people are using their mobile devices daily to make donating to your special projects an easy and enjoyable process.

Download “The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Giving” to learn more about how mobile giving can boost your fundraising campaigns.

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