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Quick Tips to Grow Your Email List Before Year-End

You’re planning an awesome year-end campaign. You’re sharing your message on your social media channels, sending email appeals, and maybe even direct mail letters.  

But wait! You need to build your email subscriber list so you can reach as many people as possible during year-end. 

How do you fill your email list with people who actually want to hear from you, and fast?   

Use the Last-Minute List Growth Checklist to quickly build your email list before year-end! 

Here are just a few of the many quick tips included in the checklist: 

  • Have a big, prominent “subscribe” button on your website. Tell people why they should sign up to hear from you, and what to expect from your emails. Don’t just say “sign up to hear from us” – give them a compelling reason!  
  • Put your sign-up button in your website template so that it appears in the footer or header of every page. 
  • Make sure the button or form is still prominent and easy to navigate on a mobile device. o Add your opt-in link to your staff’s email signatures.  
  • Make sure there’s a link to your website (with its big, shiny opt-in button) in every press release and all media coverage relating to your organization 
  • Encourage your supporters to share your message (and your opt-in link) with their friends. Some of your supporters might not be able to donate right now, so give them another way to help your cause. 

And, you’ll learn the one thing you should absolutely NOT do to grow your list.

Download the free checklist to quickly build up your email list before year-end! 

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