Are you Ready for a Rebrand? | 7/6

Are you Ready for a Rebrand? | 7/6

Wednesday, July 6th at 1:00 pm ET

Brand? Branding? Rebranding? People mean so many different things when talking about this subject that projects can end up a lot of work with little result.

Choosing the right project to solve the right problem is especially important with branding. Do you need marketing to solve an immediate problem? Design to solve a visual problem? Or research to solve a strategic problem? Starting at the wrong place will waste time, money and most critical — the attention of your audience.

Before jumping in, learn about the different types of branding to make sure you are doing the right project for your organization.

Key Learning/Take Away:

  • -How to clarify what outcome you need from a branding process
  • -Good (and bad) reasons to rebrand
  • -What do you do when you need marketing before you can do strategy
  • -Where to start if you don’t know what you need

Speaker: Beth Brodovsky


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