Roadmap to Recruiting and Retaining the Right Board

Roadmap to Recruiting and Retaining the Right Board

Nothing is more important to the health and sustainability of your nonprofit organization than getting qualified, high-performing people to serve on your board. Heidi Webb, CFRE has been working with nonprofit boards for over 22 years, including time spent serving as a board member for local and international organizations.

Heidi will share her roadmap to building a “rock star” board by focusing your search in the right direction. She will review her answers to the most frequently asked about board responsibilities and structures, and give away tools she finds especially useful in this important recruitment and retention.

This webinar is not just for start-up nonprofits or those of you who might be thinking about filling a one-person gap right now. There will always be board turnover. So it’s important to have a process in place rather than react to a need in-the-moment.

Speaker: Heidi Webb


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