Simple Steps to Secure and Increase Sponsorship Revenue

Simple Steps to Secure and Increase Sponsorship Revenue

For a lot of nonprofits, shifting from in-person to virtual fundraising events has helped bring in much-needed donation funds, but has also made securing sponsorships more challenging.

Even if your event is scheduled to take place in-person, the ongoing uncertainty around COVID-19 makes sponsorship solicitation more difficult than it’s ever been before.

Savvy nonprofit teams recognize that the standard approaches to generating sponsor support don’t work anymore. By following a few simple steps and avoiding common mistakes, however, they can unlock new opportunities and secure additional revenue. In this session, we’ll cover:

  • -Specific, easy-to-follow steps to revitalize your fundraising sponsorship program
  • -How to approach your sponsors when the status of your future events is unclear
  • -The three sponsorship levels (hint: they are not gold, silver, and bronze) and how to move to the next level
  • -How quickly a few changes can help raise additional revenue.

Speaker: Lewis Flax


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