Shifting Your Fundraising Strategy and Programs Virtually

Shifting Your Fundraising Strategy and Programs Virtually

Join us for a webinar with Matthew Gayer, Co-Executive Director at Catalogue for Philanthropy as we discuss how to pivot your fundraising strategy and programs virtually.

We’ll discuss the considerations to take when moving your programming online. Whether for fundraising or client-facing programs, we need to consider the type of virtual platform, the goals, and how we want to deliver the service.

We’ll also cover lessons learned from the past few weeks, the responses to the current situation and the recent programmatic shifts. Additionally, we’ll touch on the do’s and don’ts of moving programs online, including creative options and examples from nonprofits right now.

About the Speaker

Matt Gayer
Co-Executive Director, Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington

Matt is the Co-Executive Director of the Catalogue, a nonprofit focused on building the awareness and capacity of small, local nonprofits. Through training, communications, and consulting, the Catalogue helps lift up their partners and build the vital skills they need to thrive. Matt is a Truman Scholar, and has worked in both for corporate and nonprofit sectors prior to the Catalogue.

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