New Ways Small Nonprofits Can Achieve Big Brand Success

New Ways Small Nonprofits Can Achieve Big Brand Success

As a small nonprofit, it can be challenging to compete with larger organizations that have more people, resources, and bigger budgets.

In this session, we’ll teach you new and exciting ways you can level the playing field and operate like a big brand. You’ll learn:

  • What’s keeping you from getting the results you want
  • How to change your strategy to be more efficient
  • How artificial intelligence can help your organization with tasks such as donor engagement, marketing, and data analysis
  • Specific tools and strategies that you can implement to improve your nonprofit’s performance and reach more people (many of these tools are free or very inexpensive!)

Join us to discover how new strategies, like utilizing AI, can help your small nonprofit operate like a big brand and make a greater impact in your community.

Speaker: Cherian Koshy, Founder of Nonprofit Operating System


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