The Guide to Subscription Giving

We’re here to bring an urgent message to our friends in the nonprofit industry: you’re not retaining your donors, and that’s bad news.

You probably know the statistics. According to the AFP Fundraising Effectiveness Project, only 45% of donors in 2018 gave again in 2019. Practically, that means everything you do to acquire and cultivate donors – much of your hard work – is washed away each year by poor donor retention.

Think back to year-end. Donors make one-third of all online gifts in the final three months of the year, but it doesn’t happen by magic. It’s a grind; a never-ending cycle wherein you work tirelessly to acquire a donor, receive a one-time gift, the donor seldom gives again, you acquire a new donor, and on and on. What if there was a way to break the cycle?

That’s where Subscription GivingSM comes in. This guide will walk you through our research, teach you the fundamentals of building a more effective recurring giving model in your organization, and get you started on your path to better donor retention.

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