The New Way to Fundraise for Your Nonprofit

As a fundraising professional there are always many routes you can take to get to the same result. For example, importing and exporting donor lists from system to system to send out appeal messages or even thank yous vs having all the donor data in one system ready to email out directly, no import required. So when is it the right time to try a new way? Determining this can be a challenge. At Network for Good we hear this all the time from our customers. They are working so hard to fundraise, but believe there is a better way. When you get to this point, it’s time to explore other options. And if you are still not sure if you are there, we have a great checklist to use to help you with that evaluation.

At Network for Good we believe in doing things the right way. But we also believe that doing things right doesn’t have to be hard. That’s why we designed our fundraising software with helpful guidance built right into the solution so your nonprofit doesn’t have to second guess—giving you confidence in what you’re doing and increasing your efficacy—working smarter, not harder. Now that’s a better way.

But let’s face it. Even if you decide a new solution is in order to set you down that new path, managing that change in your nonprofit can be super stressful. You have to gain buy-in and cooperation from your in-house team (if you even have one!), board members, and unpaid volunteers. But first you need to create a strategy and workflow that’ll help you guide everyone along through the process. It can feel a whole lot easier to keep plugging along the same old way, even when that means missing out on opportunities for growth.

Where to begin? I encourage you to download our on-demand webinar, “Changing Behaviors and Mindsets to Grow your Nonprofit,” that we did with guest speaker Heather Yandow, to explore the concept of change management within nonprofits. I also encourage you to read our blog, True Change Comes from Within–How to Manage Change in the Nonprofit Space,” on this topic to gain more ideas of how to put change into action.

If your nonprofit isn’t using a donor database, or if the one you currently use is bringing you to tears of frustration, then it’s time to approach your board about a better way. The right fundraising software makes it easy to track donors over time, automate and smartly target your communications, manage event ticketing and volunteers, cultivate major donors, and more. It also helps your organization save time, money, and staff resources—benefits that speak loudly to your executive board.

But don’t just take our word for it, read about one of our customers, Middleburg Humane Foundation on their path to fundraising a better way.

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