The Small Nonprofit Fundraising Benchmark Report

Most nonprofit benchmark reports focus on large organizations. If they do give credence to small nonprofits, the results are typically rolled up into one report without actionable takeaways for an organization like yours.

This report is different.

We intentionally set out to develop a benchmark report that is directly relevant to you – a fundraiser or someone working in a fundraising role at a small nonprofit trying to find tangible ways to grow.

In this benchmark report, you’ll discover key findings based on a survey of 1222 nonprofit employees and an analysis of donation data from 2832 organizations using Network for Good’s fundraising software.

All the metrics and key takeaways are focused on how small nonprofits responded, with some comparison to large organizations for context.

What we hope you’ll see overall is this:

Small nonprofits have a lot of opportunities for growth, even with limited resources.

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