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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

In 2016, Network for Good’s blog covered topics ranging from fundraising planning and capital campaigns to leveraging a donor database. Here are the top posts of 2016.

10. Are You Ready to Launch a Capital Campaign? 3 Questions to Answer

This post by guest blogger Barbara O’Reilly gave nonprofits a reality check when it comes to the how and why of a big capital campaign.

9. 3 Ways to Use Your Donor Database to Prioritize Your Outreach

Earlier this year, Network for Good developed a new Donor Management System to help small to mid-sized nonprofits raise more money. This post outlined three ways you can use your fundraising data to create a sustainable individual giving program.

8. Real-World Peer Fundraising Tips from the #CloseTheGap Campaign

Network for Good customer, East Oakland Youth Development Center, raised more than $30,000 with a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Guest blogger Nancy Schwartz showed you how they were so successful with their first peer-to-peer campaign in this top ten post of 2016.

7. Why Your Mid-Level Donors Aren’t Giving More: Q&A with Maeve Strathy

After we hosted a very popular Nonprofit911 webinar with fundraising expert Maeve Strathy, we featured a Q&A with her on how to make the most of your middle donors

6. Crash Course: Your 7-Step Nonprofit Fundraising Plan

According to the Individual Donor Benchmark Report, a key indicator of fundraising success is having a fundraising plan. This post broke down the fundraising planning process into seven easy steps.

5. Thank You Calls as a Donor Retention Tool: 6 Steps to Success

In this post by guest blogger Claire Axelrad, readers learned how and why picking up the phone to thank donors is a fantastic (but often overlooked) donor retention technique.

4. Here’s the Best Way to Fundraise on Facebook

After Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing had such a successful #GivingTuesday, I had to know how they reached so many donors. In this post they shared the secret to their success: a smart Facebook strategy.

3. 2016 Fundraising Trends and Opportunities

This post featured three fundraising trends that were positioned to grow individual giving this year. Did any of these strategies work for you?

2. How to Inspire More Donations at Your Fundraising Events

Fundraisers are always looking for more tips about fundraising events. The second most popular post of the year delivered many ideas to get donors to give and give big at your events.

1. 7 Steps to Turning Event Attendees into Donors

And after that event is over…what do you do to keep those event attendees engaged? In our top post of 2016, guest blogger Claire Axelrad gave us some valuable tips on how to make sure the supporters who show up at your event don’t fall off your fundraising radar.

Thanks to all our readers and guest bloggers!

What was your favorite blog post of the year? Do you have any topics you’d like to see us cover in 2017?

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