Top Nonprofit Fundraising Posts of 2017

In 2017, the Network for Good blog covered a variety of topics ranging from fundraising strategies and planning to top campaigns and donor retention best practices. Here are the top five blog posts from our thousands of subscribers during 2017 – Enjoy!

1) 8 Resources to Help with Fundraising Planning

In this post by Liz Ragland, readers were given templates, resources, and tips to help get their plan ready and give your individual giving a boost in 2017.

2) 3 Steps to Getting Corporate Sponsors for Your Event

Fundraising events take a fair amount of money to produce, and it’s easy to spend more money on the event than it actually raises. In this post we shared the secret to ensuring your event has a net financial gain, through corporate sponorships.

3) Five Things Nonprofits Must Know to Keep Donors

This post featured five top tips for planning donor retention strategies to grow individual giving this year. Did any of these strategies work for you?

4) Five Tips for Launching a Smart and Successful Fundraising Campaign

Fundraisers are always looking for the secret to launching a smart and successful fundraising campaign. In this post, guest blogger Janet Cobb tackled how to set and achieve a SMART goal, laying out the five keys to success.

5) 7 Tips to Make your Donors an Irresistible Fundraising Offer

In our last top post of 2017, guest blogger Claire Axelrad gave us some valuable tips on the “40-40-20 rule” Because if you don’t make it clear and easy for folks to take the exact action you desire, then the rest of your mailing has little purpose.

What was your favorite blog post of the year? Do you have any topics you’d like to see us cover in 2018?

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