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True Change Comes from Within—How to Manage Change in the Nonprofit Space

Change management is a huge buzzword these days, probably because change is a constant part of our lives, and how we navigate it can make or break our organizations. But what does change management even mean?

In simple terms, change management means strategically preparing and supporting the people around you through new ways of doing things. In nonprofit terms, that could be engaging your board in fundraising, launching your first-ever capital campaign, or adopting new technology, like fundraising software.

Of course, managing change in the nonprofit space can be super stressful. You have to gain buy-in and cooperation from your in-house team (if you even have one!), board members, and unpaid volunteers. But first you need to create a strategy and workflow that’ll help you guide everyone through the process. It can feel a whole lot easier to keep plugging along the same old way, even when that means missing out on opportunities for growth.

Where to begin? Clear your schedule for the next Masterclass webinar in Network for Good’s Fundraising Strategy Series, Changing Behaviors and Mindsets to Grow your Nonprofit, on Thursday, February 8. Join Network for Good and guest speaker Heather Yandow from Third Space Studio, which partners with nonprofits to make their work more focused and strategic, to explore the concept of change management within nonprofits.

You’ll get valuable insight to understanding the psychology of change and building a strategy to navigate it successfully within your organization. If your nonprofit is ready to take it up a notch, then register now and join the conversation.

Put This Webinar into Action

One of the biggest and, ultimately, most significant changes is upgrading your fundraising software to one that makes your team’s work easier, more efficient, and more successful. (Those Excel spreadsheets? Come on, it is past time to give them the boot!) A good fundraising software system makes it easy to track donors over time, automate and smartly target your communications, manage fundraising events and volunteers, cultivate major donors, and more.

If your nonprofit isn’t using fundraising software or feels frustrated with the one you’ve been using, then it’s time to approach your executive board about an upgrade. Be prepared for their what, why, and how questions such as:

  • In a nutshell: What is fundraising software and why do you need one?
  • How will fundraising software solve your nonprofit’s biggest headaches?
  • What does life look like with fundraising software in place?
  • Plus tips for choosing the best fundraising software for your nonprofit’s needs.

Not to worry if you don’t have the answers. We will walk you through it in detail in a coming blog post. Once the board green-lights your new fundraising software, you’ll be ready to put your newfound change management strategies to work!

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