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Use This Email Template to Upgrade Donors from One-Time to Monthly

Attracting new donors is an essential part of every fundraising strategy. But it’s not enough. In 2019, only 19% of first-time donors gave a second time. You can’t sustain a nonprofit with that level of attrition — it will lead to burnout. Fortunately, there’s a simple way to convert one-time donors to monthly supporters. Besides serving as a vital source of reliable revenue, monthly donors also give more than their one-time counterparts, even one-time donors who give large gifts — an average of 42% more annually.

For many nonprofits, ongoing support takes the form of a monthly giving club, which isn’t new. What is new to most organizations is formatting the club like a subscription service. Because donors today are used to subscribing to various services ranging from streaming TV to monthly clothing boxes, many donors find the subscription format to be convenient. Donors know they can expect to receive regular communications from you, sharing impact stories, staff stories, project updates, and news from your organization — and they don’t have to worry about remembering to send in a check each month. Using Subscription GivingSM, which focuses on treating donors as subscribers, you can retain the new donors you attract for the long term. 

Giving Club Email Template 

One of the easiest ways to get one-time donors to sign up for your subscription-based giving club is to follow up with an email inviting them to the program. This email should be personalized, connecting with the reason the donor gave the first time. It should also clearly communicate what they’ll receive as part of the club. 

Here’s a customizable email template that you can use for new donors or one-time donors who have given in the past:

Subject line: {Beneficiary’s Name} says thank you!

Hi {First Name},

Thank you for your support of {beneficiaries}.

Thanks to your generosity, {One beneficiary’s story [Use language that evokes emotions and empathy.]}

Your support has already had an impact for {beneficiary} and others like {them/gender}. But the reality is, {two or three sentences explaining statistic of bigger problem/crisis}.

Today you can make your valuable support go even further by joining the {Giving Club name} —a monthly giving program that {explain main mission}. Your ongoing monthly support will:

  • {action verb + beneficiaries}
  • {action verb + beneficiaries}
  • {action verb + beneficiaries}

That’s why I’m inviting you to join our {Giving Club Name}. You can easily sign up online {link here} to make an impact without ever worrying about writing another check! (Unless you want to.) Become a {Giving Club Name} member today and you’ll enjoy:

  • The knowledge that your donation is put to work immediately.
  • Monthly newsletters on the difference your dollars are making.
  • Hassle-free automatic monthly donations from your credit card.
  • The ability to change or suspend your donations at any time.
  • Complete statements provided for tax purposes.
  • The joy of knowing that you’re improving someone’s life.

With just {$ amount} a month you can {impact of donation} and experience the joy of changing a life. Can they count on you today?

Thanks for all you do,

{Name of Founder/ED/Board Chair}

P.S. Your monthly donation of {$Amount} will go to work immediately to {impact of donation}. Visit {website} to become a member today. Thanks in advance!

Connect with Donors’ Desire to Give

It’s easy to forget that donors want to give! Your one-time donors gave because they care about your mission and wanted to be part of the solution to a need they’re passionate about meeting. But life is busy, and other things steal their attention. Supporters easily forget about your organization and the important work you’re doing. A subscription-based giving club is the perfect format to make giving convenient and provide donors with continual reminders that they’re making a difference, sharing the very real impacts of their gifts. 

Download Raising More with Less: 3 Strategies to Make Your Virtual Fundraising Sustainable for more ideas on how to stretch your fundraising investment further.  

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