More Than a Thank You: Donor Acknowledgements That Delight

The landscape for fundraising is changing rapidly in 2020, and donor acknowledgements are no exception. With digital communications playing an increasingly important role in our lives, nonprofits are working hard to promote better engagement, increase donor retention, and stand out from other nonprofits in their local area by enhancing their acknowledgement process and tailoring their approach for different types of gifts.

Check out this webinar presented by Kimberly O’Donnell, MS, CFRE, Managing Director of Professional Services & Lead Fundraising Coach at Network for Good, to learn what makes a GREAT donor acknowledgement. Hear a variety of helpful tips and find out what you can do to boost the acknowledgement process for your own donors, such as:

  • Create a sense of community for new donors.
  • Share more stories about your beneficiaries.
  • Make thank you messages more personal.
  • Include donor-centric language and keep the focus on your supporters and their impact.
  • Be visual and distinct.
  • Keep in touch long after the gift was made.
  • And much more!

Click here to access the full webinar or view our upcoming webinars here.

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