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Why Top Fundraising Consultants Recommend Network for Good

 What do nonprofit leaders often do when they have a fundraising challenge? They turn to the experts.  

One of those experts is Carol Reiser. Carol is a consultant with expertise in training and securing funding for nonprofit organizations nationwide. Carol also knows when it’s time to recommend another resource to a client. And one of those resources is Network for Good’s all-in-one fundraising software.  

“The most difficult thing in the world is to get people to fundraise because they don’t think they can do it,” Carol observes. But she found that when her clients use Network for Good, they “know that support is there…and it gives them confidence that they’ll not just be left alone. That’s really important. They might not have to have their hand held, but they can get their questions answered.” 

Here are the four key reasons Carol recommends Network for Good to her clients:  

 1. Simplicity and Support 

Nonprofit fundraising can be complicated. “I’ve seen so many nonprofits start working with a database and they don’t know how to use it” Carol said. She believes that Network for Good’s system offers nonprofits a simple solution to administrative challenges while also providing tips in-line with industry best practices that make their fundraising work more efficient and effective. 

Like many nonprofits, one nonprofit Carol works with did not have all the pieces of a comprehensive fundraising program. They had a limited donor database and spreadsheets in different formats with information that should be in one place. After Carol recommended Network for Good to them, those pieces began to come together:  

“Network for Good pulls everything together into a package that is easy to use and understand and supported by [weekly, educational] webinars,” Carol said. “Also, the newsletter and email templates are great. They didn’t have to come up with new ideas and recreate the wheel. If somebody says it better, just capture it.”  

The powerful combination of simplicity and built-in best practices made a difference for this organization. Their 2021 donations increased by over 1000% from 2020, and now their leaders have a system in place to keep that number rising. 

2. Opportunities to Build and Expand Fundraising Sources

When it comes to raising money, diversifying your funding sources matters. Carol believes that Network for Good helps organizations make the most of these different fundraising sources with its seasonal, plug-and-play communication templates, custom filters and groups to build targeted mailing lists, and events and auctions capabilities. 

“Right now, we’re trying to fundraise for only unrestricted gifts…The thought is, we raise annual fund money, take a look at the people who are giving on a regular basis, and then start stepping them up towards leadership gifts and maybe even major gifts…not right now, but maybe a couple years down the road.” 

3. Tools and Tips that Bring Boards Together

“Network for Good brings people together in a team-like fashion and makes it easier for them to participate,” Carol said.  

This is especially true with nonprofit boards. When she started working with the aforementioned nonprofit, one of her first things Carol did was introduce the board to Network for Good. After the board participated in a demonstration, they quickly decided to invest in the system. “It was one of the fastest decisions I’ve ever seen a board make,”  Carol recalled.  

The board members are very involved and strongly believe in the mission of the organization. Now with Network for Good, each of the center’s board members has their own peer-to-peer fundraising page. Carol works with the board development committee to assign each member contact pools and sets up a timeline for opportunities like Giving Tuesday. “[Network for Good] is pulling their board together,” Carol said. “They’re working on something new that helps to build the future of the organization.”  

4. Builds Community Through Engagement 

Network for Good’s system has the unique ability to create community through an important activity: engagement.  

Carol believes that Network for Good’s easy-to-use system “pulls the community together” and empowers donors to recruit others to support an organization. At this nonprofit, one donor set a $200 fundraising match on his Network for Good peer-to-peer fundraising page. That one person’s challenge helped the organization raise an additional $700. 

According to Carol, this kind of challenge “increased the amount of money going back into the economy and pulled other donors together to be part of the nonprofit, so it engaged people that hadn’t engaged before.”

Take a tip from the experts. Contact us for a free demo and see how Network for Good can transform your organization’s fundraising.

Published: April 13, 2022

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