Why You Should Start Thinking About Giving Tuesday Fundraising Over the Summer

It may still be summer, but if you haven’t started thinking about your Giving Tuesday fundraising efforts, it’s high time you did! For many nonprofits and charitable organizations, summer can be a difficult time to think about year-end fundraising because your donors’ minds are elsewhere — and yours might be, too! But there are ways you can maximize your year-end giving efforts over the summer months that might surprise you. This blog post will walk you through things to consider doing over the summer in order to raise more money by November 30th.

What is Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving. It encourages people to #GiveLocal, #GiveSome, and #GiveVoluntarially on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving. First celebrated in 2012, Giving Tuesday been a powerful answer from the nonprofit sector to Black Friday and Cyber Monday as donors celebrate the hard work nonprofits do and contribute to their crucial year-end efforts.

The Importance of Year-End Fundraising

Many nonprofits will spend the last few months of 2021 making pitches and asking donors for one final donation before they close out their charitable year. This leaves both charities and fundraisers scrambling to finalize campaigns in time for Giving Tuesday. If you have year-end campaigns in mind, consider starting your planning in September so you’ll have more time to work on them and execute them.

Get Started Now

The giving season doesn’t have to wait until November 30th —you can set a goal for year-end and ride on a wave of summer of philanthropy. Make a splash by hosting a fundraiser or community event in August or before school starts back up. You can also invite local businesses to partner with you and spread awareness of your nonprofit among potential supporters. These relationships take time to build, so we recommend making those connections now before Giving Tuesday.

Don’t Get Lost in the “Back to School” Shuffle

It’s back to school season, which means it’s also back to work season. And though the fall may be busy, break through the noise by emphasizing the importance of philanthropy ahead of year-end fundraising season. Remind people that they can incorporate philanthropy into their daily lives and their year-round commitments, no matter what time of year it is — and that their help will be extra needed in the final months of the year!

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